PC/XT Diagnostic Disk124 kb
PC/AT Diagnostic Disk146 kb
3Com 3C509B Drivers, Disk #1 of 22961 kb
3Com 3C509B Drivers, Disk #2 of 21971 kb


MS-DOS 3.3084 kb
MS-DOS 4.01118 kb
MS-DOS 5.0129 kb
MS-DOS 6.0159 kb
MS-DOS 6.2166 kb
MS-DOS 6.21143 kb
MS-DOS 6.22167 kb
MS Windows 95A711 kb
MS Windows 95B706 kb


DOS Packet drivers for common network cards413 kb
TCP/IP Stack for DOS25 kb
PPP Driver for DOS326 kb
EZ-NOS, WWW server for DOS
(Read this first)
262 kb


Simcga (simulates cga on hercules cards)2 kb
V20 speed up program2 kb


TheRef v4.3186 kb
TheRef v4.5a225 kb

For writing disk images ( *.dsk, *.img, *.imz etc. ) you need special tools, one for Windows is WinImage.